Pedestal Arcade Cabinet

Price: $595

This NEW empty pedestal arcade cabinet will accommodate 1, 2 or 3 computers.


Psychic Sara

Manufacturer:  Coastal Amusements

Use:  Home or Commercial

Price: $2,395

This is a PSYCHIC SARAH arcade machine by Coastal Amusements!

Put your hands on the sensors and Psychic Sarah will show your aura color, your future and your fortune!
Aura Sensors - Introducing distinctive scientific Aura Color!  Not only entertaining, it offers reliable information about your future and fortune.

Camera & LCD - Psychic Sarah has a camera on her forehead which delivers realistic scientific information.  You get a color printout featuring an Aura photo of your face with the information you are matched with.Plasma Ball - Plasma Ball and Gypsy-style Sarah mannequin produce a scene of mysticism.Includes a Bill Acceptor that takes $1's & $5's.

Great machine for home or location use - also has a motion sensor, so as you walk by it talks.


Zoltar Fortune Teller

Use:  Home or Commercial

Price: $7,995

This Zoltar Fortune Teller / Zodiac Feature
has the highest quality cabinet we have ever seen.
Accept bills and coins 





Use:  Commercial or Home

Price: $695-Used 

This gumball machine features dual tracks, lights and music.  Activated with three chain driven ball lifts. Works great.  A real money maker or also perfect for home use.



Use:  Commercial or Home

Price: $499-Used

Here is a SPORTS ZONE Gumball/Super Ball Machine for sale - Vend Gumballs or Super Balls!

31"  x  19"  x  49.25"H




Use:  Commercial or Home

Price: $295-NEW-Free Shipping

Here is a BRAND NEW MIGHTY MITE  ROCKET gumball machine!

Blast off with the LYPC Mighty Mite Rocket! All metal construction, virtually indestructible. Cash box included for easy collections. Commercial quality for business or home use. Jam-proof drop through coin mechanism. Accepts 1 US or Canadian Quarter. Dispenses 1" gumballs, 27 mm super balls or 1" capsules. Polycarbonate shatter-proof break resistant globe. Patriotic red, white & blue.

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