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PRE-OWNED Upright Driver Arcade Games

Game:  Hang On

Manufacturer:  Sega

Use:  Home or Commercial


This is a HANG-ON Upright Arcade game  by SEGA.
Race a Grand Prix style motorcycle against other bikes and a timer. If you get to the end of a section before time expires you get more time.  Exciting and fun racing!


Game:  Rad Mobile

Manufacturer:  Sega

Use:  Home or Commercial



This is a RAD MOBILE Driving Simulation Arcade Game by Sega!

Players get a driver's seat perspective as they race through 20 stages. Each stage is run through a different American city, beginning in Los Angeles and ending up in New York City.


Name: Road Riot 4WD

Manufacturer:  Atari

Use:  Home or Commercial

Price: $1,495 - Reconditioned

This is a ROAD RIOT 4WD Upright Arcade Game by ATARI.

Adding to its long and distinguished line of best-selling racing games, ATARI GAMES proudly presents ROAD RIOT 4WD!,The superb video graphics are digitized images of real-life objects.  You get incredibly lifelike cars, backgrounds, people and obstacles.

The vehicles can skid, rollover, jump, crash and burn. There's a beginner's track, plus 11 selectable courses that range from the desert sands of Saudi Arabia to the frozen tundra of the Antarctica. Standing perfectly still, ROAD RIOT 4WD is the hottest, fastest 4 x 4 around!




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