Game:  Galaxy III 

Manufacturer:  Arachnid

Use:  Home or Commercial

Price: $3,895 - NEW

Galaxy III Live Commercial Electronic Dart Machine
The latest dartboard from Arachnid, the Galaxy 3 Live, features Dual "Flip" Dartboards, LED Lighting, Online Play Capabilities and International Player Rankings, as well as Arachnid’s "League Leader" Paperless League Software !

All the features you liked about the Galaxy 2 have been carried over to the new Galaxy 3 + all the new features!

The Galaxy III comes with both the traditional 15” Darthead and the new European-sized 13” Darthead, both of which are mounted on a rotating back board.

Also new is the LED Illuminated Dart Target and Marquee - Strips of LED Lights line the side of the cabinet giving the player a well-lit dart head to throw at. These same LED’s can be configured to display patterns of color to attract players to the game.  The new Galaxy 3 is also capable of playing across the internet and across the world - This means players or teams in your own bar or other location can play against other players or teams across town, or across the globe ! The Galaxy 3 has (2) cameras located on the top of the cabinet, one of which is angled towards the dart face, so that the other player can see every dart hit, and the other camera being pointed toward the player.

Galaxy III Live Electronic Dart Machine Features :

•  New On-Screen "Player Feats" and Game Graphics !
•  New White + Multicolored LED Target Illumination !
•  Quick Flip / Adjustable 15" and 13" Dart Heads !
•  New Wired or Wireless Internet Connectivity !
•  New Online Play - Play Against Others Worldwide !
•  New Target + Player Cameras Tracks Online Play !
•  Real Time Stats Updated Instantly On Screen !
•  Operator Advertising – Free, Flexible, Customizable
•  Free Software Updates
• Coin Models come with Dual Coin Mechanisms
  and can be set for "free play" if needed and DBA
  Model comes with both Coin + Dollar Bill Acceptors

Games included are : (6) 301 Games, (6) 501 Games, (6) 701 Games, Cricket 200, Hammer Cricket, Team Hammer, Cut Throat Cricket, Team Cricket, Quick Cricket, Wild Card Cricket, Cricket Quickie, Tic Tack Darts Bermuda Triangle, Gotcha!, Count Up and Count Down Games.


Game:  Galaxy II.5   

Manufacturer:  Arachnid

Use:  Home or Commercial

Price: $2,695 - Reconditioned

(Add $100 for new bill validator)

Electronic Computerized Pro Dartboard

Galaxy II.5 Convertible is the latest dart game from Arachnid. This is the very first dartboard to have an interchangeable monitor to fit your needs. The 19" LCD wide flat screen monitor mounts from the bottom to top in just 3 minutes-no tools are needed. The mid flat screen has a hidden panel cover when you choose to have the monitor on top.

• Automated League Mode, and Multiple Units
  can be networked together for League Play
• New 'League Leader" Dartboard Software
  plus Downloadable League Standings.
• 19" LCD HD Monitor can be easily swapped from
  mid-unit to top mount for higher score visibility
• Custom Advertisements can be shown on the
  monitor to promote leagues, bar menus, etc !
• Coin Models come with Dual Coin Mechanisms
  and can be set for "free play" if needed
• Customized Winner Screens + Attract Screens
• Impact Resistant Cabinet - Modem Call Out feature.
• Downloadable Software Updates.
• Compatible with all Galaxy Dart machines!
• Can be set for "Free-Play" use in just seconds !
• Comes in Coin or Coin+ Dollar Bill Acceptor Models



Game:  Shelti Eye2    NEW

Manufacturer:  Shelti

Use:  Home

Price: $2,995-Free Shipping

Ahead of the game!
The Shelti Eye² home electronic dart machine continues to be a popular choice. Now available for home, the Eye² provides the playing experience and performance of our tavern style game, without the need for coins. The  Eye² has a hinged cabinet that folds for easy transport and installation. Includes an attractive overhead scoring unit, brightly lit LCD display and a number of pre-programmed dart games. The Eye² is the ideal dart game for those customers who want to offer the experience of league play for their friends in their homes. Made in USA. 

Features include: 
+ Fold-in-Half Transportability
+ Universal 110 Volt Light Fixture
+ Highly-Visible Overhead Scoring
+ Tavern-Tested T60/30 Target
+ Interchangeable with optional 4-color and international size targets.

Piezo "Missed Target" Sensor
+ Phone-Style Keypad and LCD Menu Operation
+ Back lit LCD and 3-button menu enhance setup and statistics reporting.
+ Storage Access Door
+ Multiple Games and Game Options Includes "old favorites" like "01" games, Cricket, Hi Score,  Wipe   Out,  You Pick It, Cut Throat, Rapid Fire and others
+ Auto and Manual Player Change
+ "TRU-SCORE" for Absolute Scoring Accuracy
+ Leg Levelers


Height:  Full 86" , Folded 45"
Base:    24" x 24¼"
Ship Weight:    200 lbs.

Also Available:

Game:  Shelti Eye2 Commercial Dart Board

Manufacturer:  Shelti

Use:  Home

Price: $1,995 - Very Light Use



Game:  Scorpion

Manufacturer:  Merit

Use:  Home

Price: $895-Reconditioned

This is a SCORPION DARTS arcade machine by MERIT INDUSTRIES!


Game:  All American Darts

Manufacturer:  IDEA

Use:  Home

Price: $795-Reconditioned

Fascinating Skill game
It has been cleaned, tested and brought to 100% functionality.


Game:  Cougar 8

Manufacturer:  Valley

Use:  Home

Price: $795-Reconditioned

This is a COUGAR 8 Upright Arcade machine by VALLEY!
With it's unique time limits games, Rapid Fire and Stop Watch,  Cougar 8 provides you with the fastest way to increase dart game revenue! Players can adjust their shooting time to compensate for their individual degree of speed and skill.

After each round, player's time handicaps are adjusted by Honest Ernie, the computer. Time is added or deducted according to player's skill level. A 9 round game featuring a different target each round.

Hit the target and score increases. Miss the target and score splits in half.


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