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PRE-OWNED Video Arcade Games

Game: Casino Games

Use:  Home or Commercial


This is a Casino Games Upright arcade game with a double meter and a dollar bill validator - WORKS GREAT!

A great piece for your game room or anyone looking for a friendly game of skill. You'll have lots of fun with this one.


Game: Hi-Lo Double-Up Joker Poker

Manufacturer:  Kramer

Use:  Home or Commercial


This is a HI-LO DOUBLE-UP JOKER POKER Upright Arcade Game by KRAMER from 1982 in nice condition!




Game: Kick

Manufacturer:  Midway

Use:  Home or Commercial

Price: $995

Kick is an action arcade game where the player controls a clown on a unicycle, catching falling balloons and Pac-Man characters on the clown's hat. It uses the Midway Cart Rack arcade system.

Dimensions: 24.5"H x 31"D x 70"H



Game: Mad Wave Motion Theater

Manufacturer:  Triotech Amusement

Use:  Home or Commercial

Price: $7,995 - Reconditioned

Mad Wave Motion Theater is a great system for every location because it appeals to all types of players, young and old, boys and girls. Whether they are being immersed into a fantasy world roller coaster ride or experiencing an authentic high-speed racecar drive, the reaction is the same across the board, sheer delight!

Unlike many traditional motion platforms that only reproduce directional movements, Mad Wave Motion Theater delivers up to 2G's of acceleration. From the vibrations of a car shifting gears to the collision of an accident, this new motion technology involving high-tech actuators allows the player to sense it all.


Height: 88
Width: 55
Depth: 84
Weight: 900 lbs.


Name:  Old Navy Amazing Photo Sticker

Use:  Home or Commercial

Price: $895 - Reconditioned

Here is a reconditioned OLD NAVY AMAZING PHOTO STICKER MACHINE - NEOPRINT - in excellent condition!  Get your portrait on a sticker with this fun machine!


Name:  Power House

Use:  Home or Commercial

Price: $895 - Reconditioned

This is a POWER HOUSE Arcade game - great for arcade or family fun center!

A strength game where the player tries to squeeze the bars hard as possible. If the person has enough muscle, the lights go all the way up to Power. There are different settings for men or women.



Game:  Shuffleshot

Manufacturer:  Strata/IT

Use:  Home or Commercial


This  SHUFFLESHOT Upright Arcade Game by STRATA/INCREDIBLE TECHNOLOGIES is in excellent condition!

Play any of four different Shuffle games - FUN FOR EVERYONE!



Name: Star Trek Voyager

Manufacturer:  Team Play

Use:  Home or Commercial

Price: $1,995 - Reconditioned - RARE

This is a reconditioned STAR TREK VOYAGER 33" Sit-Down arcade machine by TEAM PLAY!

An outer space battle simulator based on the TV series of the same name.


Name: Star Wars Trilogy

Manufacturer:  Capcom

Use:  Home or Commercial

Price: $1,495 - Reconditioned


$100 Crating Fee applies to this machine.

This is a reconditioned STAR WARS TRILOGY ARCADE DX SIT-DOWN Arcade machine!

At the start of the game, you choose one of three different missions, each from a different film in the original trilogy. Each selectable mission consists of a few stages; after you finish all stages, you may choose another mission. After you finish two missions, you enter a bonus round of lightsaber combat. After you finish the third mission, you enter another lightsaber combat round, and then you take on a fourth two-stage mission from Return of the Jedi.

In several of the modes, the red Event buttons will light briefly; pressing the button will provide the opportunity for a bonus.  The Star Wars mission, Yavin, is all space combat, with you piloting an X-Wing. In the first stage, you confront a multitude of TIE Fighters; in the second stage, you must destroy the first Death Star.

The Empire Strikes Back mission, Hoth, begins with you piloting a snowspeeder; you must shoot down AT-STs and Probe Droids, and assist your squadron to destroy AT-ATs. The second stage is a first-person shooter; you move through the Rebel Base, defending against snowtroopers and Wampa until you reach the Millenium Falcon.

The Retrun of the Jedi mission begins with a Speeder Bike sequence; you must attempt to destroy the Imperial bikes that you encounter. The second stage is a first-person shooter; make your way to the Imperial Bunker to destroy it. In a third stage, you take on an AT-ST with nothing but a blaster.

The first bonus stage, after your second mission, is a lightsaber phase where you must block blaster shots from Boba Fett.

The second bonus stage, after your second mission, is a lightsaber battle against Darth Vader.

After the Darth Vader duel, you enter a space combat mode, again flying an X-Wing to destroy the second Death Star.


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