1.    There is NO MINIMUM PURCHASE REQUIREMENT for using our Layaway Plan.

2.    A twenty-five percent (25%) deposit is required as a down payment on  layaway purchases up to $5,000.  A fifty percent (50%) deposit is required on layaway purchases over $5,000.

3.    We will hold your layaway for a period of up to six (6) months.  Extended terms are available on certain game machines.

4.    We require a minimum ten percent (10%) monthly payment received by the 25th day of each calendar month on all layaway purchases.

5.    No refunds are given if you cancel or fail to pay on any layaway purchase. 

6.    Please print and complete our Layaway contract.  The signed and dated contract can be mailed or faxed  to Services.   Please be advised that merchandise you purchase using this plan  will not be placed on hold until your initial deposit is received.

7.    We will notify you via email and/or telephone when your payment and the signed and dated contract is  received by us. 

8.    If final payment on your layaway order is made by personal check, the layaway will be held until funds  have cleared the issuing bank.


Layaway Payment Methods:

1.   Debit or Credit Card - Call us toll free at 1-800-727-8363 to arrange for payment of your deposit and to schedule a payment plan.  Fax a signed and dated Layaway Contract to (203) 876-0334 or mail it to the address below.

2.   Check or Money Order - Enclose your personal check or money order payable to AUTOMATED       SERVICES with the signed and dated Layaway Contract and mail to:

                                                    Automated Services, LLC

                                                       145 Pepe's Farm Road

                                                            Milford, CT 06477
                                                              (800) 727-8363
                                                         (203) 876-0334 - Fax


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